Smoking at Patna Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport – PAT – 2024

Outside Terminals

  • Smoking is allowed at only Designated Areas, and at Parking areas, next to Cafes.

Inside Terminals

  • After Security head to the first floor via stairs at the far left, Smoking Room at the end of First floor. Nice view of Airport from there. A user reported that there is no smoking room inside the airport anymore.
  • There is a Smoking Area now after Security Check on First Floor. (Thanks to an avid user, updated on 01.01.2020).
  • Latest Update: The smoking room on the first floor is back. After the covid norms have been eased, 3 people are allowed in there at a time. As of 23.10.21. – Thanks to a User.

    Smoking is allowed at designated Smoking Areas, Smoking Zones and Smoking Lounges only.

    If you know more about Smoking Zone at this Airport, please contribute by sending us a message here...