Smoking at Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport – GAU – 2023

Outside Terminals

  • Smoking is allowed at only Designated Areas, and at Parking areas.

Inside Terminals

Latest Update: Smoking room next to the Primus lounge is now shut. The one on the first floor is operational, and you only need follow signs after getting up the escalator. It’s in a quiet corner while renovations is taking place on the floor below.

Smoking zone is on the first floor. There are two sets of stairs/escalators to go to the first floor. If you go by the stairs on the left of security check in area, then it will be the first thing you will notice on reaching up the first floor. However there is no cigarette shop here – Updated on Dec 02, 2020.

    Smoking is allowed at designated Smoking Areas, Smoking Zones and Smoking Lounges only.

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