Smoking at Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport – ATQ – 2024

Outside Terminals

Update from one of our Website Users: I have traveled from Amritsar on 14, March, 2020 and there is no Smoking Area after the Security in the Departure Area. The Departure area is very small and the gates are just next to the Security Check, so if you would like to have a last minute Smoke then you can smoke in the Car Parking area and come in at the last minute for Check In(i.e before Check In Counter closes and mind the Ques as well) and go for the Security Check. By the time you finish the Security Check your flight would be Boarding so just head straight to the Gate which is just next to Security Check. This is for Domestic Departures. I have not been in the International Departures so cannot comment on that sorry. Hope this helps.

Inside Terminals

    Smoking is allowed at designated Smoking Areas, Smoking Zones and Smoking Lounges only.

    If you know more about Smoking Zone at this Airport, please contribute by sending us a message here...